Ó Flannagáin Uachtar Tíre

... as registered with Finte na hÉireann

Clans of Ireland Order of Merit

2015 sees Clan Ó Flannagáin of Uachtar Tíre (Clan Flanagan of Upperthird) registered for 3 consecutive years. This makes our clan eligible to start putting nominations forward for the Clans of Ireland Order of Merit or CIOM.

To quote Chev. Sean McClafferty, Chancellor of the Order:
          "Those nominated can be from your clan association or from wider society as long as they comply with the criteria for    nomination i.e. s/he must be an Irish citizen or a member of the Irish Diaspora and s/he has made an outstanding contribution to:

           his/her Clan organisation or
           Irish culture and heritage or
           has brought honour of his/her clan name.
           or has significantly enhanced the reputation of Ireland. <sic>”

        “The Council of the Order of Clans of Ireland will assess all nominations received and are allowed to appoint up to 10 people to the Order in any given year. Successful nominations will be announced on 17 March (St. Patrick’s Day) and those chosen will be presented with their insignia at a special ceremony to be held in Dublin.”

With this 3 year milestone, we as the Clan Flanagan are able to take full advantage of our membership entitlements with the Clans of Ireland. Our full entitlements are:

            •    Certified Authentication based on historical scholarship,
            •    Representation and Mediation Services of Clans of Ireland,
            •    Participation at Annual Conference/AGM,
            •    Right to nominate to Order of Merit (after 3 years),
            •    Discounted subscription to Irish Roots Magazine and,
            •    Charitable Status for Clans based in Ireland.

As we are not based in Ireland (at this stage) we are not able to take advantage of charitable status in Ireland, but that does not prevent us exploring this option elsewhere.

As individuals, we need to start thinking now about whom we may wish to nominate for the above award remembering that they do not necessarily have to be from our own clan. Once the new nominations are officially called for, the nomination forms will be made available for all Flanagan Clan members to access. 

It is an exciting prospect being able to more fully participate within the Clans of Ireland Community as a proud Flanagan Clan.

Images by Clan Ó Flannagáin

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